Grosvenor Chambers Reclamation Centre

The Best Reclamation Centre in Devon - Come for a Rummage!

We are a hidden secret of Plymouth (25 years behind Union Street). As known for our buying as our selling, we get to inspect hundreds of buildings and sites every year, churches and country houses, large and small, to reclaim fixtures and fittings, that can be recycled as beautiful features in your home.

Grosvenor is Latin for 'Big Hunter'. We are your hunters. We will hunt out anything you ask us to look for. Chances are we already have what you want. Grosvenor Chambers Reclamation Centre is Devon's leading Antique Furniture, Reclamation and Salvage suppliers. Click on some of the drawers above to see a selection of our stock - better to come in though!

If we don't have what you want, we will try to send you to someone who does. We sell door knobs and handles, stained glass and signage, garden furniture, sinks and all kinds of fire and hearth paraphernalia. Antique and especially Victorian marble fireplaces don't come any better than what you'll find in our stock. Tiled inserts - we have hundreds….Our blog can be found at www.salvagesouthwest.co.uk.

Grosvenor Chambers Reclamation Centre - 180, Rendle Street Plymouth, Devon PL1 1TP.

Or call Robbie on 01752 257544.